Creating all geodetic reports
Geodetic reports, physical divisions, numerical data ...

Numerical data
- Numerical data mean formation of construction parcel from the cadastre register. Numerical data are basis for acquisition of state land for provision of location conditions for buildings.
Necessary documentation:
- Property list of real estate and land
- Copy of the urban plan issued by the municipality

Physical division
- Physical division is a geodetic report for formation of separate cadastre parcel or for formation of separate residential unit for the purpose of the sale of land, return of land, inheritance procedure and application for mortgage.
Necessary documentation:
- Property list of real estate or land

- Geodetic report for legalization enables registration of illegal buildings in the Real Estate cadastre

Building survey sketch
- Geodetic report for building survey sketch provides for registration of internal surface of the building units in the cadastre.

Update of points from the geodetic network
- Geodetic report for update of points from the geodetic network is used for horizontal and vertical presentation of the site and presents the basis for positioning of the construction/infrastructure objects.

Registration of objects in the cadastre registry book
- Geodetic report for single registration of property rights
- - Geodetic report for registration of property rights which have not been registered during the systematic registration

Measurement and monitoring of buildings/infrastructure objects
- Procedure of transparent measurement and monitoring of objects during the phase of construction

Identification of cadastre parcels
- On site presentation of cadastre parcels


Demarcation of the border of cadastre parcels
- On the site border demarcation of a cadastre parcel.

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